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Atria Spinach pancake 400g

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Traditional spinach pancakes are children's favorite food. Atria's spinach pancakes are fried in a cast iron pan. Serve the pancakes with jam or a savory filling. Spinach pancakes are a great snack or light lunch. A more appetizing mayonnaise-based salad can be served with the salty filling. Atria's ready-made spinach pancakes are ready without heating. You can heat the pancakes in a pan over low heat, in the oven covered with foil or in the microwave.

flour, water, spinach 16% (eu), egg, margarine (rapeseed oil, emulsifier E 471, salt), wheat- and rice starch, dextrose, sugar, iodized salt, sunflower oil, wheat- and maitoproteiinivalmiste, raising agents (E 450, E 500), aromas

Nutritional content:

  • Nutritional value100 g: sta%RDA *
  • Energy content (kJ)828
  • Energy content (kcal)197
  • Rasva (g)~ 5.9
  • which you are satisfied with. fatty acids (g)~ 0.8
  • Carbohydrates (g)~ 29
  • of which sugars (g)~ 2
  • Dietary fiber (g)~ 1.8
  • Protein (g)~ 5.9
  • Sole (g)~ 1
  • Potassium (mg)140
  • Calcium (mg)24
  • Phosphorus (mg)52
  • Lactose (g)~ 0

As told by customers


I was born and grew up in Imatra with the power of Karelian pies and meat pies. It's wonderful to have fresh pies delivered to your home. Even my German husband likes Finnish food, so you can't get rid of us anymore.

Jonna, Amberg, Germany

Great deal

I am a great friend of Finnish herring and I am happy that the first herrings just arrived.

Inca, Berlin

Do not tell anyone

My secret lust is a good old HK Blue that I order here every month. Will arrive safely and quickly.

Pekka, Prague

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